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The event will feature a three day conference showcasing industry-leading speakers from suppliers, academia and governmental bodies plus industry experts, commodity analysts, and technical visionaries – offering invaluable insights to attendees.


Key conference themes will include:

• Skills shortages – recruitment – equity, diversity and inclusion
• Is your facility prepared to handle an emergency
• Future market disruptions and future solutions
• Low carbon and renewable ammonia production
• Opportunities and challenges – transition from fertilizer to hydrogen production
• How will ammonia and hydrogen as a fuel impact the fertilizer manufacturing industry?
• Digitalization
• Remaining competitive in core markets while finding growth in new businesses
• Regional analysis and case studies from Europe, N. America, MENA, APAC and S. America
• Energy and energy storage
• Process automation and emergency shutdown
• Renewable energy and ammonia production
• Transition investment, engineering challenges and predictability
• Global logistics – transportation and storage
• Carbon capture storage / carbon capture utilization
• Long distance hydrogen transportation
• Innovation and advanced fertilizers


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