Bradley Pulverizer

Founding Exhibitor

Booth: 4026

Founded in 1886, Bradley Pulverizer designs, manufactures, and supplies air classifying and pulverizing systems for fine and semi-fine grinding of hard, friable, abrasive materials.  Bradley pendulum roller mills are widely relied upon for uninterrupted heavy tonnage production of materials which meet the most demanding specifications for particle size distribution.


Haver & Boecker Niagara

Founding Exhibitor

Booth: 2012

Haver & Boecker Niagara offers sustainable and efficient equipment and solutions for the processing, handling, packing and storage of organic, mineral and chemical fertilizers. Its signature screening and pelletizing technologies are complemented by a complete portfolio of products and services for the fertilizer industry, from the extraction and processing of raw minerals through to the packaging and loading for delivery at facilities worldwide.


Lancaster Products

Founding Exhibitor

Booth: 4026

Lancaster Products is a solutions company dedicated to improving material mixing and processing.  Lancaster Mixers excel in rapidly homogenizing, granulating and pelletizing in a single machine with increased yields, uniform quality and improved mixing productivity.  Our continuous batch processing system provides steady-state throughput with batch precision.

LB Technology

Founding Exhibitor

Booth: 2014

LB was established in Fiorano, Northern Italy, in 1973 and is a world-leading manufacturer of systems for the treatment of powders in the ceramic industry, granulation for fertilisers, dry mortars and mining sector. LB provides high efficiency and precision dosing, mixing, grinding and granulation systems.


Solex Thermal Science

Founding Exhibitor

Booth: 5024

Solex Thermal Science is a world market leader in solids, liquids and gas heat exchange and energy recovery. The Canadian-based company has more than 30 years of experience handling various types of urea, nitrate- and phosphate-based products, with 190-plus successful fertilizer projects around the world.

Statec Binder

Founding Exhibitor

Booth: 5020

STATEC BINDER continuously manages to successfully apply its expertise as a bagging and palletizing specialist of bulk materials on a global scale. With its flexible and customer-oriented packaging technology, the Austrian company is represented on the international market, placing itself among the leading suppliers of high-performance open mouth bagging machines. The wide-ranging product portfolio offers customized solutions of the highest quality for products used in a variety of industries.