Fertilizer Daily is an industrial online publication covering the market of mineral fertilizers and agriculture. Our editorial team helps thousands of top managers worldwide navigate the fertilizer market and understand global and local trends. We are the first to publish interviews with the industry’s most noticeable speakers and analytical materials focused on global and regional markets.


The International Fertiliser Society organises webinars and conferences providing technical  information on all aspects of the production and usage of crop fertilising products, including organic and recycled materials, soil management and environmental protection. We bring together research, expertise and practice in a non-commercial, apolitical forum


World Fertilizer magazine is the premier source of technical and analytical information for the fertilizer sector. The independently audited publication is distributed internationally, providing regular regional reports, keynote pieces from major companies, technical institutions and industry commentators, as well as case studies and detailed technical articles relating to all aspects of the fertilizer sector. Please visit for the latest news and to subscribe to the magazine.